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Quartet Community Foundation has awarded us £3,576

Friday 21 January 2011

Quartet Community Foundation is funding our new outdoor activities project - Active Nature - through their Active Bristol fund.

A big thanks to Quartet Community Foundation for awarding our new project - Active Nature full funding. Their Active Bristol fund, grants money to organisations to set up sustainable outdoor activities and networks. We're really excited to start three new outdoor activities: Run for it – a running club that takes groups of young people running in different Bristol parks each week. Grow for it - a gardening club which encourages groups of young people to grow food in each other’s gardens and share the harvest. Park Life - which will take young parents and their children for group picnics in different parks so they can get to know the free facilities available and meet other young parents and children. More information For more information about the Active Nature Project please email Pilar Garcia or call her on 0117 317 8825. Find out what you or your business can do to support us. Read more Independent People News

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