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OVO - the kind of energy we all need

Thursday 28 April 2016

This is what happens when a bunch of informed, kind, playful people get behind a common goal...


April saw the first monthly fundraising event organised by OVO Energy's Customer Services Fun'Raisers for local charities.

They've been doing their amazing thing in support of 1625ip and have raised over £500! 

OVO has supported us previously through the incredibly successful Sleep Outs, so we felt humbled to be chosen as the beneficiaries of their first Fun'Raisers event.

And we were super-pleased to be nominated in April - a month associated with sillyness and fun, something we think the world needs more of.


They have done all manner of wonderful things to engage staff and raise money to help vulnerable young people ...

  • Played pranks on each other on April Fools Day
  • Fancy dress in the theme of the Mad Hatters & Crazy Fools Tea Party 
  • Managers agreed to be entered in a staff vote to be pie'd (which slightly backfired on managers)
  • Bake sales
  • Mad Hatters & Crazy Fools Tea Party social

They have been relentless! Collecting in buckets, in boxes, online and text.

George Frost, Senior Process Improvement Manager at OVO said:

"We had a really good time and were pleased with the amount we raised. Everyone got involved with the fundraising and the Mad Hatter & Crazy Fools theme for April Fools day including lots of great fancy dress outfits."

"Our team had to donate to vote for a manager to be pie'd. However, because it was April Fool's day we turned it around and allowed the person with the highest votes to pie all the other managers instead. They did get quite a lot of pie backsplash though so didn't get away unscathed."




OVO Customer Services...
We thank you for creating such fun and positivity in our name. Well done for your outstanding efforts, fantastic costumes and great use of pie!


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