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OVO staff help 1625ip to cultivate wellbeing

Monday 22 August 2016

OVO staff have been putting their positive energy to good use, creating a welcoming environment for young people at 1625ip

A sunny Saturday. 14 OVO Gives Back volunteers. 20 pallets. One crowbar. Three hammers. One saw. Three drills. Some screws. Three spirit levels. Lots of enthusiasm. And a plan. 

Our young peoples' environment is a real focus for us at the moment. It's important that they have communal spaces where they feel at home. So when OVO Energy staff chose us as one of their four OVO Gives Back charities and offered to give up a precious Saturday to come and volunteer with us, we had the perfect project.

Their mission, which they chose to accept, was to make planters for the gardens of our shared properties. This is part of our ongoing gardening project, working with the young people we house to create shared spaces where they can socialise, learn gardening skills and enjoy the outdoors. 

First step: breaking up the pallets into usable pieces of wood. Not as easy as it looks!

Getting to grips with the plans.

Making sure the pieces all measure up.

'And then we all do a Mexican wave...'

Nailing it.

Taking shape...

The fully formed planters, ready to be delivered to St George's House.

Still smiling at the end of a hard day :-)

Natalie Dietzler, OVO Gives Back volunteer, said:
"I had a great time building planters for 1625 Independent People! I'd not done it before but am so glad I took the opportunity. It was fun to work together to take apart the wooden palettes and as smaller teams to measure up and bind the wood to build the planter! There was great enthusiasm from everyone throughout the day and it was a lovely way to get to know more people at OVO too" 
Tia Psihogios, 1625ip Funding Officer, said:

"The team were incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about donating their time and making a tangible difference for young people at 1625ip. It was great to see a few familiar faces who had already supported us through Sleepout and other fundraising events, along with some new recruits. We are so pleased to have been chosen as one of this year's OVO Gives Back charities and look forward to continuing to work with OVO staff over the coming months."

A huge thank you to everyone at OVO who made this happen, to fellow OVO Gives Back chosen charity St Werburgh's City Farm for allowing us to use their space, to Sureway Transport for donating the pallet wood and to Neighbourly for helping us recruit and manage volunteers.

More information:

Contact: Tia Psihogios, Funding and Communication Officer on 0117 317 8800 or tia.psihogios@1625ip.co.uk.

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