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Local businesses help Grow Club

Thursday 6 October 2011

Local businesses help our Grow Club get on its feet...

30 Staff from local businesses HBOS, DTZ and Capita have all been at work in our new community garden in Eastville.

Groups of staff volunteered to come down and spend a day helping us set up a vegetable garden and outdoor space so we can start a Gardening Club for young people

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"Grow Club" is part funded by Active Bristol an NHS fund to help tackle obesity in young people by getting them outdoors and active. The project goes one step further by introducing healthy fresh food.

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Young people will learn how to grow fresh vegetables and herbs, then cook them and most importantly - eat them!

Grow-club1.jpg Grow-club2.jpg

The project has been run by volunteers from the beginning. Three Permaculture students from Shift Bristol designed the garden as part of their final coursework. They consulted young people about what they'd like to see in the garden and what veg they'd like to grow.

When finished, the garden will have compost bins, waterbutts, an outdoor pizza oven, a shelter and a huge range of fruit and vegetables.

Grow-club3.jpg grow-club-web-2.jpg

We can't thank the volunteers enough! The garden will add a whole new range of activities for the young people we support to engage in.

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