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Jamie's World Cup Dream

Thursday 13 May 2010

Help Jamie get to the England trials for the Homeless World Cup...

When one of our Housing Managers mentioned to Jamie, a service user, that The Big Issue were looking for people to represent England in the Homeless World Cup, he jumped at the chance and now he's through to the third round. The Cup The Homeless World Cup has been going for 6 years, the criteria for players is that they have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. It's a world-class, annual, international football tournament that uses football as a catalyst to encourage people to change their lives; and to change the attitudes of governments, media, public and key influencers to create better solutions to homelessness around the world. "The Homeless World Cup can change the life of anyone, so that they can become a man, in everyday life. And that means above all developing values, human values, which I think are very important." Didier Drogba, Chelsea FC “The Homeless World Cup has shown that football is a powerful tool in changing people’s lives, and it’s great that we can play a part in that.” Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Evening Post Photo of Jamie by Chas Breton Jamie We've been supporting Jamie for a couple of years, he's now at college studying mechanics and is really keen to live his life independently and on his own terms. Jamie is one of those rare people that actually enjoys being in front of the net, he's been playing in goal since he was 11 years old. By his own admission "They say you've got to have something missing upstairs to play in goal! I just love throwing myself around and the fact that it's all or nothing - you're either the hero or the villain. You can save 10 balls but if you let one in everyone notices. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to represent England" Getting to the tournament This year the tournament is being held in Rio, Brazil and if he makes the England squad - they'll pay all his expenses, but he has to get himself to and from the trials first. We think he's got a great chance and are keen to encourage him so we've helped him out, but we can't pay for all his travel. The trials are at Manchester United's Training Ground - which is really exciting - but quite far away! Jamie is a student and it's costing him almost £100 each trip. There are seven trials altogether. He's made it to the third round and the Bristol Evening Post has published an appeal for Jamie - can you help or do you know anyone who can? Read the article... Goalie Jamie hopes for a good result in England trial Listen to Jamie in an interview with Ben Prater on BBC Bristol's drivetime programme "Prime Minister for a day" - Jump to 1.16 on the bar at the bottom of the screen to cut straight to the interview. If you'd like to contribute towards getting Jamie to his trials please get in touch with Pilar Garcia on 0117 317 8800. More information Read more about the Homeless World Cup Find out how you can support Independent People

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