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Its not fair! Or is it? Equality and diversity at Independent People

Wednesday 30 June 2010

We've written a new policy about Equality and Diversity and we'd like to know what you think...

Like most organisations we have quite a few policies and procedures to help us make sure that everyone knows how we treat people and behave. We've just re-written our Equality and Diversity policy, it covers things like discrimination and disability, and tells you who is responsible for what. We've written an Easy-Read* version to make it more accessible and we'd really like to get your opinions on it - if you have five minutes? Here's a link to the Easy-Read Equality and Diversity Policy (pdf, 417kb) At the end of the policy there's a link to our Equality and Diversity Policy survey, its only eight very quick questions. Please help us by filling in it. Thanks! *Easy-Read is a style of writing with pictures that some people find easier to read.

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