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It's party time...

Monday 30 November 2009

The Christmas Social is set to be a corker again this year, with the help of the Bristol Bridge Rotary Club, one man is pushing for it to be really special - and you could help...

Every year, we throw a Christmas Party for the young people who use our services. It's not easy being young and homeless around Christmas time so a little party is always welcome! This year, Bristol Bridge Rotary Club is hosting the event for over 100 young people. There's a full and plentiful traditional roast dinner, including Halal, Kosher, Veggie and Vegan options, there are games and entertainment, rapping, open mic sessions and free transport so they can get to and from the party. Ryan James, Rotary Club Charity Secretary has organised and raised funds for the venue, caterers, entertainment, tickets and posters - but he's not stopping there - he's also doggedly fundraising to make this party extra special for every young person who attends. He wants to make sure there's a Christmas present for every single young person! The "grand" plan Ryan is aiming to raise a thousand pounds so every person gets a present worth at least £10, people have been incredibly generous already. Can you help? Ryan has set up his own Justgivng page - please give what you can. More information If you have any queries or would like to support the work we do please get in touch!

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