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Independent People and Guinness Hermitage join forces to raise £2,000

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Independent People and Guinness Hermitage join forces to raise £2,000

Dragon Boat Race 2011 Most people will remember Sunday 12 June 2011 for the torrential rain and the Bristol Bike Ride being cancelled. But not us, we will remember it for the dogged determination of the young people, staff and volunteers who braved the monsoon-esque weather and rowed as hard as they could in the Bristol Rotary Dragon Boat Race. It chucked it down... not just a bit but all day, sometimes sideways and relentlessly. But our intrepid rowers had promised their sponsors that they would do it and they weren't going to let a bit of weather stop them. Two totally soaked teams Guinness Hermitage Team (red) and Independent People Team (black) Thanks from the bottom of hearts to the staff who manned the stall and those staff and volunteers who rowed in the Independent People boat. Especially to the young people we support who came along to raise money to help other young people. A huge thanks to the lovely staff from Guinness Hermitage. Dom Wood, Independent People CEO said... "My personal thanks to those I did not get the chance to thank personally on the day. Despite the weather it seems it was an enjoyable event and I learnt several lessons for myself on water-wear. On behalf of the staff, Board and young people at Independent People I would like to thank you and the rest of your crew for their time and support in what was memorable to say the least." Stephen Lodge from Guinness Hermitage said... "I was so incredibly impressed by the time and support committed by the staff. These events are successful on so many levels - team building, fundraising, profile raising ... It's great to see staff dedicated to giving up their free time" CEO Dom Wood receiving a bottle of Champagne for his outstanding fundraising efforts from the Lord Mayor Geoff Gollop It wouldn't have happened without... Our wonderful friends at the Rotary Club of Bristol Breakfast and of course to our wonderful sponsors who raised over £2,000 and donations are still coming in ;o) More information It's not too late to donate - please use our Independent People Boat Just Giving page If you are interested in fundraising or volunteering for Independent People please contact Pilar Garcia 0117 317 8825 - as you can see it can be quite a laugh. Read more Independent People news

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