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Independent People Annual Report 2010/11

Monday 5 September 2011

Independent People Annual Report 2010/11



We've had a massive year. The Annual Report is a mere snippet of the work that has been achieved by young people, staff, volunteers and supporters.

Download the Independent People Annual Report 2010/11 (PDF 5Mb)

Inside you'll find:
  • Chair’s Report
  • Financial Information
  • Equality & Diversity Figures
  • Feature: A Year of Progression
  • Feature: Outcomes Star
  • Feature: Leonna’s Story
  • Feature: Upfront Project
  • The Team
  • Special Thanks

Credit where credit due...

We love our Annual Report and would like to thank i.e. Intelligent Marketing for their superb production and Karen Murrell for some fabulous photography.

We We We highly recommend them.

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