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In between TIME...

Monday 27 July 2015

Why an award winning, internationally published illustrator and film maker produced a film for small regional charity...


Joe Magee's latest illustration was on the cover of TIME magazine depicting Barack Obama and Ali Khamenei covering a world-changing international story.

You can imagine how pleased we were here at 1625, that he wanted to make time to work with us on a comparatively small campaign. One of our projects - Future 4 Me - which works with young people who are leaving care and custody, is a finalist in the National Lottery Awards to become this year's Best Charity Project in the UK. 
Perhaps small fry in terms of world news. But a huge deal to us none the less.

This prolific and acclaimed illustrator/film maker showed so much concern for the young people we work with and about our little film - designed to help get public votes in the final stage of the competition, where the public decides the winner. 

Joe's work is regularly featured in The Guardian, Time Magazine, Liberation, New York Times and Newsweek - having upwards of two thousand images published. He's worked on some appropriately "sideways" pieces to promote the well known comedian Bill Bailey, so we were really interested to find out why he was so keen to work on this relatively tiny local project.

Pilar Garcia, 1625ip Comms Manager told us that "working with Joe was a pleasure, he has such an unassuming and genuinely collaborative nature. He was determined to get it right and present young care-leaver's issues, the project and the charity sensitively, honestly and helpfully. He made us feel that our work and these young people are as important as any big issue he might cover for Time Magazine or the Guardian. It was inspiring."


Why did you decide to get involved in helping Future 4 Me ?

Sometimes when I walk past a person on the street who seems to be homeless I feel guilty for not giving them money when they ask. I tell myself that there are agencies who’s job is to support these people and my taxes pay for the agency - and that's the way it should be! But not helping when asked will always feel bad and I’m sure it's a very common emotion.
When 1625ip contacted me to ask if I would make a short film with them I knew I wanted to do something that would directly help these people I walk past. When I looked at the Future 4 Me project I could see that this was a serious project - a well thought-out multi-layered initiative, truly designed to turn the lives around of very vulnerable young people.

In the process of developing an idea I wanted to meet some of the young people that 1625ip support. They told me about the circumstances that had lead to them ending up without a home - and the rock-bottom moments. They told me very powerful stories about  their situations and growing-up conditions. I learned that central to everything was family and if the family breaks down (or doesn’t even exist to start with) the children can become very vulnerable. I was struck by how unlucky they were to start their life like this, and how lucky I was. But I was also struck by their resilience and cheerfulness. Ultimately I feel so grateful that an organisation like 1625ip is there for them - on behalf of the society that we all live in and for which we all need to be responsible.
What do you think when people say things like “those young people are just lazy – they should sort their lives out”

Many of these young people have had a terrible start in life. Some have been in care since they were toddlers. Many have missed out on a stable upbringing and proper parental mentoring. Many aren’t equipped with the basic support that a stronger family gives you as you reach the point where you might leave home as an adult.

Without proper support, drugs, crime and debt eagerly await these youngsters. It might appear ‘lazy’, but it is what a structure-less life looks like. And sorting that out from within can seem like an impossibility. 

Watch Joe's film here:

To vote for Future 4 Me in the National Lottery Awards go to: http://www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/project/future-4-me

Or cast your vote by phone : 0844 836 9713
Calls cost only 5p (some networks will vary). No details taken - just dial. 


More about Joe Magee:

Joe's work has been shown widely at galleries and film festivals internationally - he has twice presented work at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (Japan, Liverpool) as well as at Watershed, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Victoria and Albert Museum and The National Portrait Gallery. He has artworks in the permanent collections of University of the Arts London and University of Bath. His films have screened at London, Edinburgh and Tampere film festivals, and won several prizes.

For several years he has been engaged in a series of collaborations with celebrated British comedic performer and actor Bill Bailey including films, large-scale video art and interactive multimedia works. He has produced works for Bills tours, taking in venues such as Wembley and The Royal Albert Hall. In 2010 they co-wrote and directed a 12 minute film, Car Park Babylon, shot on 35mm (first broadcast Christmas 2010) that was nominated for a Royal Television Society award.

In 2009 Magee was awarded two D&AD (British Design and Art Direction) Awards For Outstanding Achievement as the result of a collaboration with designer Theseus Chan's WORK studio in Singapore. The limited edition arts publication, WERK (No.16), focussed on Magee substantive back catalogue of work.

Joe continues to work in a wide range of traditional and electronic media, working on commissioned work and personal projects.

See more of Joe's work here http://www.periphery.co.uk/

For further information please contact:
Pilar Garcia, Funding and Communication Manager
Tel:  0117 317 8800 / Fax:  0117 317 8849
Email: pilar.garcia@1625ip.co.uk

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