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Give me a home

Thursday 23 September 2010

"Give me a home" Charity Art Sale and Auction at The Farm

The lovely people who run The Farm pub in St Werburghs have given us a month of exhibition time to sell some art for our charity. From 22 October until 18 November you'll be able to buy artwork straight of the walls and view some of the pieces which are reserved for the auction on Friday 19 November. Auction catalogue Download the Give me a home preview catalogue (PDF, 3mb) To book a place at the auction The auction will take place at the newly refurbished St Werburghs Centre on Friday 19 November 7pm. Places are limited - email Pilar Garcia or call her on 0117 317 8800. Can't make it? You can bid by proxy one of our staff will bid for you - you just tell them in confidence what your maximum spend is - email Pilar Garcia or call her on 0117 317 8800. Artist list Below are some of the artists who have already donated pieces. Artist Material / Style Andy Council Illustrator Alan Cook Pewter Amanda Wood Landscapes Andy Lambert Mirrors Ann Thorne Stained Glass Cheryl Grindle Fine art / multimedia Donna Jessop Glass etching Jackie Gilbert Stained Glass Joe Ryan Print on wood Kate MacKechnie Soft Sculpture Lee Kirby Painting Lynne Bingham Silk screen print Phoebie Howie Painting Sarah Jones Illustrator Scott Buchanan Barden Oil paintings Rachel Goodchild Acrylic Richard Delingpole Watercolour Sean Harding Photographer Sophie Fordham Print and paint Stephen Studd Photographer Sue Porter Photographer Tony Parkinson Photographer What will the money be used for? We are trying to raise money to improve the living conditions for the young 16-25 year olds we support in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Over 300 young people present themselves as street homeless every year and we support them by housing them and helping them develop independent living skills like cooking, cleaning, budgeting and maintaining a tenancy. We maintain 246 properties in Bristol with our army of three maintenance people. Some of the properties we manage are run down and very dated. We get funding from the government for providing support but not for property upkeep and we struggle to keep up with maintenance. We are dealing with an often chaotic client group who don't always look after their own space and sometimes their friends don't have much respect for the properties either. Things get damaged and we bear the cost mostly. We don't let people get away with it but as you can imagine - charging costs to 17 year old homeless person isn't going produce much very fast. We have been known to replace 28 front doors in one month. Yes 28! Damage is often caused by "friends" visiting the property or sometimes by the police needing to gain emergency access. We could resort to steel doors on all our properties but if your first home feel like a prison, it isn't exactly a great start. So, some of the money will go towards providing opportunities for activities and skills based training and some will go towards emergency property repair. Every penny comes to us, so whether you are donating or buying you can feel confident that a young person in troubled times will benefit from it. More information Email Pilar Garcia or call her on 0117 317 8825 for information about "Give me a home". Read more of our news Find other ways you can support us

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