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Cash Pointers - what we achieved

Tuesday 2 May 2017

After four successful years helping young people to develop money skills and financial confidence, our Big Lottery Funded Cash Pointers project officially finished at the end of April 2017.

Cash Pointers worked with over 2600 young people, helping them to develop financial skills and confidence. We worked with people in lots of different ways:
  • One-to-one work.  
  • Creative activities (cooking, furniture upcycling, etc).
  • Educative workshops.  
  • Peer education.
  • Community partnership projects.

What young people said

"I know to always ask for help if I'm in trouble with money."

"If I didn't have Cash Pointers I'd be worse off and probably wouldn't have a house."

"I always thought that savings accounts were not for people like me."

The following short film was made with young people benefitting from Cash Pointers support as part of a community partnership project with Knowle West Media:


We have produced an in depth evaluation of the project "Cash Pointers: Improving Financial Confidence in Young People", covering the overall project and outcomes, the different approaches used and the project learning.  

Cash-Pointers-Improving-Financial-Confidence-for-Young-People-TN.jpgRead it online (Issuu, opens in a new window)

Download a low res pdf version (pdf, 935kb)

We have also produced a bitesized "Cash Pointers in Words and Numbers", created with design input and illustrations provided by young people studying at the University of the West of England.

Cash-Pointers-In-Words-and-Numbers-TN.jpgRead it online (Issuu, opens in an new window)

Download a low res pdf version (pdf, 948 kB)

Researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE) also carried out an evaluation "An evaluation of 1625 Independent People's Cash Pointers Project", providing in depth analysis of the effects of financial advice and support on young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

You can download a summary of the UWE evaluation (pdf, 1mb) or the full UWE evaluation (pdf, 1.2mb).

What next?

Although the Cash Pointers project has now come to an end, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience over the last four years helping young people to manage their money. We have now embedded financial skills into our core service delivery at 1625ip and we’re using our expertise in developing financial capability in young people in our new work such as Cash Pointers Upfront Peer Education and Money Tree

Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund we are also able to continue to share this learning and experience through a Cash Pointers Legacy post, providing free training on "Young People and Money" to professionals working with young people. For more information please contact one of our two Cash Pointers Legacy Workers, Puegee Lam or Mara Saunders, on 0117 317 8800.

The Cash Pointers team.

Many thanks to The Big Lottery Fund and our many partners for enabling us to carry out this vital work.

We continue to be dedicated to helping young people develop their financial capability as part of their journey to independence. 

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