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Four things worth doing this Christmas

Thursday 5 December 2013

Eat, send a card, don't send a card, PARTY!

Christmas is all about giving. Whether you're religious or not most people take part in celebrating by giving presents, love, our company and some see it as time to give back.

Whether you're acting as an individual or a company, it's easy to do something  - big or small.
Here are four things that are easy and will make a big difference to vulnerable young people in Bristol and the South West. We help them to reboot their lives so maybe next year they will be in a position give too!

Christmas Dinner4Good

Those who can afford to celebrate at home can ask their guests to make a small donation when inviting them for dinner.
Your contribution is the dinner, theirs is a small donation.

If you're really loaded or really rubbish at cooking, you could take them out for dinner and still register it as a Dinner4Good.
The Dinner4Good website makes it easy, it send out all the invites, manages the donations and RSVPs.
All you have to is upload the email addresses and think of a menu. They even give you easy recipe suggestions!
We get 112% of the donations with Gift Aid.

Here's an example of an invite:


I’m hosting a Christmas Dinner4Good on Saturday 14th December.
It’s in aid of youth homelessness charity, 1625 Independent People. They do amazing, life-changing work, helping steer some of the most vulnerable, often homeless, young people towards a healthier, more stable adulthood. What they do works, they help over 1000 young people to reboot their lives every year. This is their website  www.1625ip.co.uk
Christmas can be a particularly hard time for these young people so I know they’d appreciate any donation, no matter how small.
And I get to cook you dinner and catch up!
Really hope you can make it.
Happy Christmas x

Buy your Charity Christmas Cards here

It's so hard to find a pack of Christmas cards that has something for all your friends, family, workmates and even your Gran.

These cards are fun, modern and not too chintzy, although there is a bit of Christmas chintz just in case that's what you need.

Our cards are made here at head office by staff, young people and volunteers.

Visit our online shop today and we'll get them out to you toot-suite!



Don't buy your Christmas Cards here!

Over the years some of our supporters have chosen to not send any Christmas Cards and make a donation to us instead.
One of our Champions sends an email to all his friends and colleagues explaining...  (we love this!)

"As in previous years, I will not be sending out Xmas cards to my personal or business contacts. I prefer to make a donation (covering the time and money I would have spent) to a local charity. This year I am again supporting 1625 Independent People which is a Bristol based charity that works in providing housing, support and advice to young people aged between 16 and 25 in the Bristol area. You can click the link above if you want to find out more, or click here to make a donation yourself.
I do hope this gesture is received in the manner in which it was sent: I wish that others, less fortunate than myself, have something to look forward to at xmas.

Thanks for your understanding. Cheers,  


The Office Christmas Party

Most organisations have a Christmas Works "Do". Some are pretty tragic, some an absolute success. Most are paid for by the company.

If it's all paid for, why not offer staff the option to make a small donation to charity?

It will add a really nice feeling to the event and show that you are a caring, community focused organisation.

You can register your event on the Dinner4Good website just like any other party. People do not have to donate to accept the invite, so there's no pressure and no-one is excluded.


Most importantly  - do something, get rid of that niggling feeling that you "should" be doing something. We all get it!

The easiest thing to do is pick up the phone and call our Funding Officer  - she can help you work out the easiest way to do something that works for you.  0117 317 8800

Merry Christmas!



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