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Come dine with us!

Friday 27 November 2009

Independent People service users and staff were treated to a curry fest on Monday 23 November at the Old Market Offices.

Independent People service users and staff were treated to a curry fest on Monday 23 November at the Old Market Offices to raise money for the Curry Tree Foundation, which works to alleviate hunger and malnutrition world-wide. It was one of our service users, Donya, who came up with the idea, planned for it, shopped for it, then cooked it and served it. Donya prepared a menu of veg curry, lamb sheesh kebabs, chicken curry, rice and naan bread. There were a lot of empty plates and full bellies by the end of the evening. "This was Donya’s idea and she worked hard every step of the way from planning her menu, shopping, cooking and presenting her food. She went to the trouble of typing out all her recipes so others can try them at home and asked to be scored on the quality of her food in a ‘come dine with me’ style. As it was National Curry Week she also decided to raise a bit of money for charity-£30 to the Curry Tree Foundation which tackles hunger and poverty. A lot of thought and effort went in to this event and it paid off- the food was fantastic and every one had a great time" Joni Lloyd, Participation Officer "I was very pleased with how all my food turned out. I was worried about them all but they all came out right. I was really pleased with the turn out and the good comments I got about the food. I am tired and my legs are aching but I enjoyed it. I hope other people give it a go.’’ Donya "Superb cooks, superb & plentiful food. Well attended. Authentic Indian tunes.. Mi belly full!" Derrick, Support Worker "The normal routine in homelessness is an organisation cooking food for the homeless, Donya cooked food for other service users and some staff and together we looked at other things we should be doing as an organisation– refreshingly good night and 10 out of 10 for the quality of the food" Dom Wood, Chief Executive "From the morning till the evening the fragrant smell of delicious food filled our office. I couldn’t wait to try the food and it was absolutely fantastic. Donya worked tirelessly through the day and reaped the rewards with a good turnout and a huge amount of appreciation as well as a donation to the Curry Tree Foundation. It also provided a new opportunity to get young people and our staff together in an informal setting. Thanks Donya for all the hard work and great food!" Jamie Gill, Service Improvement Director This type of event works so well on so many different levels - the young people get together to enjoy some really good cheap food and good company. Donya herself succeeded in her own challenge and felt great about it. Staff were able to spend some time with the people they support in a relaxed atmosphere and The Curry Tree Foundation is £30 better off. All good. Donya will recieve accreditation for volunteering and fundraising efforts and has inspired two of the other young people who attended to do follow suit and put on a Caribbean Food night... bring it on! More information If you're a young person using our services and would like to run an event like this, or have other ideas for getting involved please get in touch with Joni or Sam on 0117 317 8800, pop into the office at Old Market or speak to your support worker.

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