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Christmas crackers... in more ways than one

Tuesday 14 December 2010

With help from the Bristol Young Rotarians, we had a cracker of a Christmas party at the Trinity Centre last week...

X-Factor Independent People's Service User Christmas Social was made extra special this year with the help of the Bristol Young Rotarians and performances by MC Xander, Relly, Runcie and Middleman. Not to mention the the brave (extravert) few who took part in the 1625IP Talent Show. It was.... hilarious! Getting the party started.... The Rotarians organised a pub quiz to start after dinner which included picture rounds, 20 questions, a dry cracker eating contest and finishing with a talent competition... Totally crackers... In a Health and Safety defying moment, service users and staff stepped up to see who could eat the most dry crackers for their team. We did jam doughnuts last year - this was MUCH harder - look at the strain on their faces! Independent People's got talent Where is Simon Cowell when you need him? Some of our service users showed true talent but we're not sure everyone was taking it seriously.... The Chief Exec did a "classic" version of Aled Jones' Snowman, and MC Relly pulled out a Dub version of... wait for it... yes... The wheels on the bus go round and round.... Ho Ho Ho Brrrrapppp To finish the night off MC Xander, London based Multi Vocalist Beatboxer performed an incredible set without any instruments except a sampler. He'd create a beat with his mouth, sample it, then loop it and lay another one on top - gradually producing an entire track and then singing over the top. A real treat to see live. He was later joined by three rapping Santas, Relly, Runcie and Middleman who performed freestyle to a backing beat. Many Thanks! Every young person who attended went home with a Goodie Bag stuffed full of chocolate and treats and those who won prizes were delighted with £30 Hairdressing and Sports Shop Vouchers - a big thanks to the Rotarians generous fundraising. The food was supplied by Eat Day Eat Night and we'd like to thank them for donating the amazing puddings - Bearnie's cake and creme fraiche was the business! More information If you'd like to support Independent People please have a look at our Support Us pages and find the best way for you. Go back and read more of our news.

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