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Andrews "Project70" launches in Bristol with 1625ip!

Thursday 31 March 2016

Andrews celebrate their 70th birthday by giving local young care leavers a brilliant opportunity.


Andrews Property Group (includes Andrews estate agents) is owned by three charitable trusts. Not a lot of people know that. 

In fact, their desire to be a force for good goes all the way back to their founder, Cecil Jackson Cole, who was a driving force behind charities such as Oxfam, Action Aid, Help the Aged and others.
This year marks two very special anniversaries for Andrews. 70 years of the Andrews Property Group and 50 years for the Andrews Charitable Trust (ACT). So much to celebrate!

Andrews decided to mark the momentus occassion by launching "Project70"  or "P70" a major charitable scheme aimed at giving young care leavers a roof over their heads and support in finding work or training.

A bit more history in the making

1625 Independent People is partnering with them on their very first P70 house right here in Bristol. The aim is to buy 50 properties across the footprint of the Andrews network over the next 50 years – or sooner if funding allows.
The first property has already been purchased and will have its first young residents later this year.

Supporting young care leavers

It is widely recognised that care leavers are least likely to succeed in the transition to independent living without some support and stability. 1625ip have over 30 years experience supporting young people to overcome a difficult start in their lives, develop aspiration and belief in their future and then go on to succeed. The charity’s Future 4 Me project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, has recently won the National Lottery Award for the Best Charity project in the UK and will provide  support  for the young people in the project in partnership with Bristol City Council. Together we will identify care leavers who are ready to live independently with support.

As well as stable, safe housing they will be offered mentoring  to help them engage in their local communities and to access education, training and employment opportunities.

Andrews staff get involved

Andrews are keen for all areas of the Andrews Property Group to develop ways in which their own staff might be able to become volunteers or fundraise for the projects. Regional fundraising committees have already been set up and bonds for a number of local half marathons and marathons have been bought to help with each team’s fundraising efforts.

Andrews Chief Executive Michael Robson, said: 

“We were keen to celebrate our 70th anniversary in a meaningful way that reminded not only those within the business, but also the wider communities where we operate, of the foundations on which our business was formed and the unique ownership structure that remains to this day. 

“The Andrews Property Group is wholly owned by three charitable trusts, one of which is ACT, and by collaborating on this initiative we believe we’re able to draw on our distinct areas of expertise. 

“Andrews will raise the money to be passed on to ACT and also work to source appropriate properties. ACT, meanwhile, will be responsible for actually purchasing the properties, leasing them to partner organisations and collecting incomes from them in order to finance future property investments.”

1625ip Chief Executive, Dom Wood said  -

“We are delighted to be partnering with Andrews and ACT to deliver a new home to young care leavers in Bristol. We are already supporting up to 500 young people in the city at any one time and engage with somewhere in the region of 1800 annually.

“This new home will give the young people who live there the opportunity to live independently, manage their own finances and gain the support necessary to find employment or training.  The impact that this will have cannot be underestimated and the team at Andrews should be commended for celebrating their 70th anniversary in this way.”

Happy Birthday Andrews!

More information

  • Contact -  Pilar Garcia, Funding and Communication Manager  07956 306 492 pilar.garcia@1625ip.co.uk

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