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A great reception from Amey

Thursday 7 July 2016

Amey staff transform youth homelessness charity reception area


Recognising when you need help is a skill many of us struggle with...

Having done that, you still have to pluck up the courage to ask for help. It's even harder when you're young.

We can help young people who need advice but it is a journey, like it or not there is paperwork to do and interviews where they have to tell their personal story to a (well trained and very friendly) stranger – but all this at a very difficult moment in their young life.

At 1625ip we make this process as sensitive and supportive as we can by taking a psychologically informed approach to our work. This means we consider how situations, responses and environment impact on a young person and what they are going through.

Our reception area was feeling slightly shabby and unloved, not the positive environment we want for young people in their hour of need.
We know that when a young person walks through our door, it’s important for them to feel they have arrived somewhere safe, positive and cared for - they need to be in a Psychologically Informed Environment (or “PIE” as it’s affectionately known).

Amey_logo_svg.pngto the rescue...

We were approached by Lisa Garcia from Amey’s Bristol Office  - the Utilities and FM Division, they were looking for a project to work on as part of their Community Volunteering Day. We jumped at the chance, Amey have supported us in the past  - they are partial to wearing a welly (or two) for Welly Wednesday so we were really pleased to hear from them again.

The mission, which they chose to accept, was to help us revamp our rather sad looking reception.
They gave up a Saturday, brought their own tools and equipment and started work at 7.30am!

They cleaned, moved furniture, took stuff off the walls, painted and installed a TV. The pictures speak for themselves... It looks like they had a fab time too!

Lisa Garcia (Senior Facilities Administrator at Amey) said
“We really enjoyed our Community Day at 1625ip, painting and decorating the reception area, it was a great team effort for such a wonderful charity who work so hard to help young people, thanks to Alison for keeping us going with the teas and helping and organising on the day also.”


The Amey-zing Team!

Malcolm Moore – Facilities Technician
Phillip Weeks – Facilities Assistant
Sue Rea – Facilities Manager
Sam Wicks – Amey management graduate
Lisa Smith – Amey cleaner
Emma Mares – Amey Security Guard
Lisa Garcia – Facilities Administrator

1625ip Corporate Services Director, Jo Lea-Jones said...

Thanks to Amey for the amazing volunteers who transformed a shabby reception into a bright and welcoming place for our young people. It saved the charity hundreds of pounds  and looks terrific.



A great supporting act...

We need to say thank you to Alison Hancock our Senior Administrator for organising it all and looking after our VIPs (Volunteers at Independent People) and for roping her lovely husband Rob in to help! Thank you too Rob.

Also Paul Hale our Business and Quality Assurance Manager and Fran Hughes our Specialist Services Manager who sanded the hell out of the aging woodwork in readiness for the day.

Nice work everyone!


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More Information

Contact: Pilar Garcia, Funding and Communication Manager

Tel:  0117 317 8800 / 07956 306 492
Email: pilar.garcia@1625ip.co.uk

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