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Myles Furr - Operations Director

Myles FurrMyles has worked in the field of Supported Housing in one way or another since 1998, following completion of a degree in Housing and Development.

He previously held a number of voluntary and paid roles within voluntary, local government and heath sectors. Myles has done various jobs in Housing including managing sheltered housing, Rough Sleepers Initiative and supported housing schemes, and worked closely with both Priority Youth and Wayahead Housing before they became 1625 Independent People. From 2004 until starting with 1625 Independent People, he worked in local government strategy, commissioning, procurement and contract management and has served as a school governor since 2011.

Myles completed an MSc in Policy Research in 2013.

Contact Myles

You can email myles.furr@1625ip.co.uk or call him on 0117 317 8800

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